Wild Moose Chase

The  Soap  Opera  that's being  made  right now as the movie is  filmed and edited  for  delivery to  theaters  early next year.

Our Star (the camera) works as a news reporter at a mid-sized television station.  He was scared by a moose in a hotel parking lot when he was a child and it has been his quest to see a moose in the wild.  Everyone else seems to see them, run into them with their cars, hunt and kill them, see them from airplanes running herds in the forest, but he keeps doing his job as a reporter and then an investigative reporter on a particularly tense criminal investigation, but even though he uses every free minute, endangering his marriage, risking his job, he uses every free minute to search the wild for wild moose and rid himself of the curse of having a quest that the universe seems to keep him from fulfilling.

We're still auditioning and looking for actors to fill the requirements of filming this magnificent quest.  Because of the nature of the series, we can use people from all over the world.  Use our contact page to contact us.

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